KriyaYoga- Gurukul

The very thought of this concept originated in my mind, during my visit to the SMKYF UAE centre in 2013, when I had interacted with a lot of parents and children over there, I had observed, that there is a prominent gap between the parent and child relationship, and these children are being easily way led, to vices, from an adolescent age. These children were the vulnerable and easy target for the multitude of vices and the wrong options available in the society. I thought about it, and found that the scenario is the same across the world, in today’s hi-tech gadget world, and highest dependence on social media like whatsapp, face book etc. thus was born the concept of KRIYA YOGA GURUKUL, which stressed upon developing the core values of Righteousness in an individual from a young age, so that the youth is empowered with the wisdom to counter any negative attractions, and choose the best options for their lives.

Keeping this in mind, Kriya Yoga Gurukul workshop was launched in UAE in November 2014, and the programme was an instant hit and what started as a single programme, was replicated at many places in UAE,and is now a hugely demanded workshop, because the single objective of this workshop, was to develop, nurture and bring out the best in each and every child, making them responsible , at the same time, polishing their hidden talents and helping them rediscover themselves and enjoy their new found positive transformation with a long lasting effect. This workshop also brings about an open platform, for a heart to heart dialogue between the very busy parents and their love starved children. Thereby sealing the strong bond between the parent and the child with LOVE.

Due to the growing popularity of this workshop and continuous demand from the organizers in India,  I decided for the 1st maiden launch of this internationally acclaimed KRIYA YOGA GURUKUL workshop in India, from 4th to 8th May 2015,which was scheduled to kick start from Bandra-Mumbai.

It was a great feeling for me to conduct this workshop in India, and to my surprise, when I reached the venue- Mahatma Gandhi High School at Bandra east, it was houseful, for the maiden workshop. All eager parents and the children were waiting eagerly to hear me and understand what is in store for them.

After my initial brief to all the parents and the children, the parents left the venue, leaving me and the participants together for the events to unfold. I started the workshop with a very strong and impactful punchline,”YES I CAN, YES WE CAN “, that I wanted each participant to firmly register in their mind, because it was to have a lasting impact in their mind, for their personal transformation

It was a beautiful workshop with 3 different courses covering the entire gamut of a person’s overall development. It covered Personality Development, Arts And Craft, and Dance For Health And Fitness.

Each of the participants started with a lot of apprehensions, but as the first day unfolded, it was a delight to see all the participants easily opening up and we became good friends, there were multitude of contents like, quizzes, yogic techniques for enhancing concentration, sharpening the brain, and reflexes, understanding the human body’s endocrine system, talent shows, impromptu skits to enhance working in groups, the arts and craft workshop brought about the creative side of all the participants, they learned how to make beautiful artifacts, clay and pottery  workshop, painting, sketching, use of colours , making paper bags from waste materials, photography workshop and much more. the dance for health and fitness workshop, was a very interesting one for me personally, since there were a lot of participants, who have never danced in their entire life.this was even more  better for me, because,these participants were most receptive and didn’t carry any baggage in their mind,and were easily mouldable . It was complete fun for 5 days and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the importance of various dance moves,and how to burn maximum calories and increase metabolism, to stay fit and healthy.

I   enjoyed every moment wholeheartedly in  these 5 days,conducting 3 separate workshops for 4 hours each, and in the end bringing about the maximum smiles on the faces of all the participants,ranging from 4 yrs to 70 yr old.

Every day,each workshop, I gave away prizes for the best participant for the day,and at the end of the 5 day,workshop,in the grand finale, I gave the Best Of All Award to the participant of each and every course. This was done to motivate the participants and for them to cherish this wonderful memories of the last 5 days.

I appreciate the dedicated efforts of my SMKYF team of volunteers who were relentlessly doing the running around,to make arrangements for the comfort of each and every participant.

It was a great team work by my SMKYF organizers for organizing the  first maiden workshop at Bandra -Mumbai, followed by the second one at Friends Academy, Mulund west,from 18th to 22nd may.15.

Kudos to everyone, and best wishes to each and every participant,for a bright and wonderful future ahead in life.May you be a great source of motivation and inspiration to all those who come in contact with you.