Sadguruji at Vanita Vikas Mandal, Brahmanwadi, Matunga

Bramanwadi Vanita Vikas Mandal, Matunga is celebrating their 75 glorious years. Yesterday i.e. on 7th October 2018, Sadguruji was respectfully invited as the Chief Guest. His Amrutwani was the highlight of the programme. The audience was enthralled as Sadguruji explained various aspects of Yog, mindfulness, healthy living in an interesting address laced with humour. People were amazed with His knowledge and simplicity. There was not a dull moment and as usual Sadguruji was surrounded by eager people after the session.

Yoga for Blind School Children

Glimpses of the special Yoga session conducted by H.H. Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Dr. Mangeshda on 19th June 2018, for the visually challenged children of Kamla Mehta School for the Blind, as part of the International Day of Yoga 2018. For the children, it was a unique and a memorable experience. It was a wonder to see how these children performed with great zeal, enthusiasm and grace. Though the assistants thought it would be a very difficult session, but Sadguruji made it very easy as children not only listened to His voice but felt all His actions too.

Women's Empowerment Workshop - SBI Mutual Fund

Dr. H.H. Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda was invited by the SBI Mutual Fund company to conduct a session on Women Empowerment. He immediately connected with the audience and those who witnessed the Master at work were overwhelmed. Practical solutions to the Women's issues were touched upon while the audience got simple, yet powerful tools to implement in their day to day life. The audience had the presence of Ms. Anuradha Rao (MD), Nicholas Simon (Dy. MD) and all Sr. Management and employees, who lapped up the pearls of wisdom from the vast reservoir of Knowledge of Sadguruji.