National Conference on Yoga-Naturopathy

Jan 28, 2018

27th - 28th Jan 2018

Glimpses of the National Conference on Yoga-Naturopathy, from 27th-28th Jan 2018 @ Ahmedabad. This event was organised by the International Naturopathy Organisation (INO). H.H. Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Dr. Mangeshda, who is also a Patron of INO, was invited to speak on Kriya Yoga at the event. Sadguruji's speech was well appreciated by all the dignitaries and the participants. The event organisers expressed their keen interest to Sadguruji to open a new Kriya Yoga centre at Ahmedabad. Overall, the event was attended by hundreds of naturopathy doctors, yoga teachers and practitioners from across India.


INO Conference