Women's Empowerment Workshop - SBI Mutual Fund

Mar 08, 2017

Dr. H.H. Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda was invited by the SBI Mutual Fund company to conduct a session on Women Empowerment. He immediately connected with the audience and those who witnessed the Master at work were overwhelmed. Practical solutions to the Women's issues were touched upon while the audience got simple, yet powerful tools to implement in their day to day life. The audience had the presence of Ms. Anuradha Rao (MD), Nicholas Simon (Dy. MD) and all Sr. Management and employees, who lapped up the pearls of wisdom from the vast reservoir of Knowledge of Sadguruji.

While the session ended exactly as per the time of engagement, the audience was left saying.. Ye Dil Maange More. An awesome way to celebrate International Women's day. Kudos to Chaitanya, Aparna, Alma and Sujata and all the people who made this session possible. Jai Gurudeva.


Women Empowerment - SBI mutual fund