Foundation Annual Day & Kriyasheel Global Awards

Oct 24, 2017

On 24th October 2017, Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation celebrated Foundation’s ‘Annual Day’. This special day brings lot more joy as it is our Revered Sadguruji's Birthday also. This was Foundation's 24th Annual Day and it added more energy as the Foundations entered its Silver Jubilee year and more importantly it marked the beginning of Sadguruji's Golden Jubilee year of Yoga Sadhana.

Our Foundation honours distinguished personalities who have made an outstanding contribution to the society in their respective fields, by presenting ‘Kriyasheel Global Awards’. Sadguruji, in his unique ways of teaching, brings forward the inspirational journey of persons from ordinary to the extraordinary! This year the award was bestowed on Dr. Sindhutai Sapkal for her contribution in the field of Woman & Child Welfare and to Ms. Norina Fernandes, for her contribution in the field of Education.

The Chief Guest for the programme was renowned surgeon Dr. V. N. Shrikhande (a well known personality in the field of medicine). The Guests of Honour included Dr. Jagannathrao Hegde (ex-Sheriff of Mumbai) and Shri Mukesh Sharma (DG Film Division and Additional DG Doordarshan). Many other famous personalities from various fields attended this special celebration.

In her speech, Dr. Sindhutai mentioned that her & Sadguruji's life story had a similarity. Both of them had fought with negativity & the negativity had shown them the way and they had raised in life to raise others. She expressed her gratitude towards Sadguruji and mentioned that she was really overwhelmed by love and adoration she received.

Ms Norina Fernandes acknowledged this award with humility and also thanked Sadguruji for this special recognition. She also mentioned that she was really impressed by the motto of the Foundation i.e. Unconditional Love & Unconditional Forgiveness. It was a wonderful takeaway for her. She offered her best wishes to the Foundation & Sadguruji for all the social activities.

In Sadguruji's address, He praised both the awardees and their contribution in their respective fields. He talked about their commitment & their will power to tackle any situation or defeat any challenge. Sadguruji was really emotional when He briefly talked about His journey and remarked that its difficult to believe that He was entering the 50th year of Yoga Sadhana/Yoga Prachar! He narrated about His childhood, struggle of His early days in the lesser known village of Dahisar, how the negativities surrounded Him and actually made Him a better person, taught Him as to what He should not do. He shared His experiences with His Sadguruji. He talked about the events which transformed His life. He said that He is always asked the question as to what is Kriya Yoga... and he simply remarked that coming together of people, giving contribution to the society is nothing else but Kriya Yoga. Further He said that He is a good student still and learns from each & every individual He meets.

Our Sadguruji and the other dignitaries present, released the 19th Anniversary Issue of our popular International Magazine, ‘The Awakening!’. This special magazine has messages from many dignitaries, articles by the Master Himself & contributions from many members - a copy one must have! The evening also witnessed Sadguruji and the dignitaries releasing the DVD of Sadguruji's Amritvani viz. GURUVANDANA! His pearls of wisdom from Guru Poornima Mahasatsang.

What an evening it was! The entire auditorium was spellbound; listening with rapt attention to the speakers and performers! Every year the celebrations become a unique memory & the joy we get from those special moments is just priceless! The show was houseful with hardly any space to sit.

All of us have witnessed Birthday Celebrations in our lives, but this one was unique and special! The Master only gives.. its just that you have to be there to receive it! Thank You Sadguruji! A word of praise for all volunteers, donors and contributors for making this evening special. Jai Gurudev!

As narrated by Kriyaban Shri Hrishikesh Ambaye


Kriyasheel Global Awards-2017