Guru Poornima Mahasatsang

Jul 09, 2017

Guru Poornima, the most sacred day for a disciple, was celebrated with much fervour by all Kriyabans and well-wishers of Dr. H.H. Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda.

The day started with pious Kriya Yoga initiation at the Juhu Centre in the morning. A selected few disciples got the rare blessing of level three Kriya initiation. Those who attended the Havan felt the high energy. Disciples from across India and the Globe had come to take the blessings from our revered Sadguruji.

The evening Mahasatsang took the day to a further high. The program started with a melodious bhajan sandhya, sung by our Kriyabans in dedication to Sadguruji. Upon Sadguruji's arrival, He received a rousing welcome from all members of the audience. Now a proud moment for Sadguruji, as a father, his son, master Shubham, enthralled the audience with his brilliant, first solo tabla performance on the stage. Shubham received blessing from his tabla guru Shri. Srikant Navre, who was present there to witness his student's performance. This was followed by another brilliant performance from our young star keyboard player, Jahanavi. The next surprise was a beautiful skit on the five elements & Guru tattwa, depicted through a dance ballet, conceptualized, written and directed by Sadguruji himself. The concept was unique and well executed by all the performers.

After the skit, Sadguruji was felicitated by Foundation's Dadar centre. Sadguruji also felicitated Shubham's tabla teacher, Shri Srikant Navre and also felicitated Sadguruji's own keyboard teacher Shri.Swarup Nandu Honap, an accomplished keyboard player. Sadguruji then inaugurated a pair of aggarbattis (incense sticks) in memory of His parents and were accordingly named "Yeshwanti" and "Snehalata". Then came the moment which the entire Kriyaban family was eagerly awaiting for. Sadguruji's pearls of wisdom. Sadguruji gave a thought provoking discourse on the Guru tatwa and the need for unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness. He tried to explain how one can easily connect to the ultimate source by being a householder. The live streaming of the event helped connect all of Sadguruji's disciples across the globe.

After the Satsang, Sadguruji then announced the Best Kriyaban awards. This award was instituted by Sadguruji to felicitate the most deserving Kriyabans who have done selfless service to the Foundation. This years awardees were Shri. Chandrakant Baraskar and Shri. Adarsh Agarwal. Both, who have done years of selfless service. In a new initative, Sadguruji felicitated all the young Kriyaban family members who has secured meritorious marks in their 10th std exams and other young talents. The Mahasatsang concluded with the Darshan Sohala where disciples seeked blessings from Sadguruji.

An awesome day of Guru Pournima celebrations was witnessed by us. Sadguruji's blessings & grace made it all happen so smoothly. Thank You Sadguruji from the bottom of our hearts! Kudos to all organisers for a wonderful team effort!


Guru Poornima 2017