Guru Poorima Diksha & Mahasatsang

Jul 12, 2014

Summarization of the event (edited) provided by Kriyaban Shri. Hrishikesh Ambaye.

Did you attend the GURU POURNIMA CELEBRATIONS? If the answer is YES, consider yourself very lucky... if no, never mind... catch up with the next Celebration, but you missed some divine moments!! Those who witnessed these three hours of celebrations, were fully charged with Joy & Energy. The joy, the happiness, the energy, the feeling of oneness, the melody, the divinity... which I felt (and am sure many will agree); is still there with me.

Guru Pournima is always special for all of us. A special day for all Shishyas (disciples) to strengthen the bond of GURU SHISHYA relationship. The energy of this day can actually be felt and it just amplifies with mere 'darshan' of Sadguru Devata.

The day started and ended with Darshan of Sadguruji. The morning started with Pious Kriya Havan. A few lucky disciples got the rare blessing of Kriya Diksha. It is this day when disciples from around the world travel to Mumbai just to be with Sadguruji and to seek his blessings.

The evening celebrations took the day to further high. Melodious devotional recitals by our singers made the evening further special. All the singers offered their gratitude towards the GURUTATTVA through their renditions.

Sadguruji's blissful aashirvachan (dicourse) made the day for all of us. He talked about the power of Prayer. How it was very powerful for overcoming any negativity. When many people join for this prayer, the intensity goes on a much higher level. He mentioned about the journey of darkness to light. But at the same time He thanked darkness or negativity, which show us or tells us what not to do. He also offered His gratitude to His Parents, His Sadguruji on this Pious Day of Guru Pournima. He remarked that He learned something from everybody and from all interactions. He narrated some experiences from His life, He also explained about the oneness... especially the one witnessed in the VARI OF PANDHARI.

Sadguruji concluded His Aashirvachan with a prayer for world peace and also wished that wherever there is darkness, let light reach there and vanish all the darkness. And He stressed that PATH OF KRIYA YOGA WILL HELP ONE AND ALL TO FACE ANY TURBULANCE IN LIFE!

Its difficult to summarize here what He spoke yesterday. But these are some of the key points. We wished that He goes on for some more time and some more time...! Thank You Sadguruji!

Later, as per tradition, Sadguruji announced the Best Kriyaban awards for two disciples. Sadguruji gave these awards to Kriyabans Sunil Pai and Priyanka Patil. They were felicitated by Sadguruji amongst thunderous applause from the audience.

An awesome day of Guru Pournima celebrations was witnessed yesterday by many. Sadguruji's blessings & grace made it all happen so smoothly. Thank You Guruji from the bottom of our hearts. Pranams to You! Hari Om!