Guru Poornima Mahasatsang

Jul 22, 2013

The Guru Pournima Celebrations have just concluded... but the joy, the happiness, the energy, the feeling of oneness, the melody, the divinity which one felt is still there. Guru Pournima is always special for all of us; a special day for all disciples to strengthen the bond of GURU SHISHYA relationship. The energy of this day can actually be felt and it just amplifies with mere 'darshan' of Sadguru Devata.

The morning started with Pious Kriya Havan. A few lucky disciples got the rare blessing of Kriya Diksha (Initiation). Sadguruji also completed the Kriya Camp on the same day in the afternoon session. Disciples from across the Globe had come to take blessings from their revered Sadguruji.

The evening celebrations took the day to a further high. Melodious Bhajan recitals by Kriyaban Archana Mangalore made the evening further special. She was in her elements and she was ably supported by Kriyabans Sandeep Yederi, Asavari Thatte Pendharkar and Hemangi among others. Heeraji's compering was fabulous as usual. Everybody was eagerly waiting for Sadguruji's aashirvachan. His blissful aashirvachan made the day for all of us. We wished that He goes on for some more time and some more time...! Thank You Sadguruji!

The evening also witnessed inauguration of 'The Awakening!' Dubai-Abu Dhabi edition as well as 'The Awakening!' - Telugu edition. Kudos to both the teams for this wonderful idea of spreading Sadguruji's message at all levels and across languages.

Surprise package of the evening was Shloka recital by our sweet little Namrata Duvuri. What a splendid performance by her! Great Namrata!

Then as the tradition on every Guru Poornima day, Sadguruji declared the Best Disciples' Award. Sadguruji gave these awards to Priya Vasudevan and Ajoy Kumar for their utmost dedication and efforts. They were felicitated by Sadguruji amongst thunderous applause from the audience. Congratulations Priya & Ajoy! Lots of things to learn from you.

Sadguruji's Darshan Sohala made the evening more divine for all those present. Maa Tejomayi Devi had specially come from Paris for this celebration & she won hearts of all with her musical performance. Melodious Bhajans continued till the evening came to a pause. Prasadam was also distributed to all the disciples.

Kudos to all organisers for a wonderful program.


Bhajan's by Ms.Archana Mangalore


'The Awakening!' Dubai-Abu Dhabi edition


Best Kriyaban Award Receipients


Maa Tejomayi Devi from Paris