The life of a human being is counted in breaths, days, nights, events, incidents and his built up relationships in the society. When God gives life, in fact, most of the time it depends upon how many breaths we take. If the day is divided into two parts i.e. day and night, normally a person works in the day and rests at night. Similarly, a human being is supposed to breathe systematically to provide more energy to the organs under the well-designed body and rest the body from time to time.

It is quite interesting to understand the human mind. If you see the past history, you will find that the evolution of human being shows the progression of creativity, which is still continuing. The human mind searches for a number of new things for better living. On the other side, the human mind creates destructive thoughts also. Because of grudge and bitterness, if this destructive mind decides to finish someone's life on criminal level, the doctor tries to save the person's life with medical mind. If some creative mind is developing a new technology in the computer, the destructive mind creates a virus to crash that new system.

How many times does this confused mind understand what it really wants? You must have observed that a businessman, who has achieved a lot of success, is shattered immediately with a slight or occasional loss in the business. I have seen many wealthy people who hesitate to spend even small amounts on their dependents' survival issues. From ordinary person to a well-established person and from individual to national and international level, this attitude of mind remains the same. Even a very powerful country sees to it that no other country supersedes or grows better than that country. It also tries to fix the strategies to be followed by other countries. So, this is a power game of the mind. The real development of human being starts when this mind becomes neutral, impartial and constructive.

Thus, the human mind has the twin personality. Even a notorious person can be intelligent and creative. Only the thing is, he is using his best capability for destruction or at a negative level. The systematic training for self-contemplation of the mind brings the understanding of this creative and destructive level. Spirituality is nothing but this honest understanding of our own mind. If a person honestly confesses to himself the level at which his mind is used, then only he can correct himself and walk on the creative path of the mankind.

Planning for destruction by making bombs, acquiring explosives and exploding them in local trains, buses and public places to kill the innocent people is a shameful side of this human personality. The power game of dissatisfied and disturbed persons gives support to such horrifying events.

One creative person understands how difficult it is to win someone's heart, to make friendship and develop a feeling of oneness towards others, rather than spoiling or severing a relationship. Right now, everywhere all over the world, this destructive and damaging tendency is more, because somewhere, such people are feeling insecure. Even a powerful country feels insecure, so it takes the support of war. To earn respect and love, dominating over an individual or a country is not a solution. Basically, why somebody likes to dominate others? Is it nothing but self-complex. A person with superiority complex may make someone feel smaller by his negative or destructive actions. A person with inferiority complex may try to bounce back by showing his revenge to the world or by drawing others' attention to his existence and power.

You will observe that all these terrorists are always hiding somewhere, as they are scared for their own life - whether it is a gang war, antisocial activities or an international terrorism. At present, all are feeling insecure, right from a gang-leader to a president of any powerful country! They need protection and security. The extreme level of this is, now-a-days barbaric acts are perpetrated in the name of religion and even god images in temples, mosques and churches need to be protected.

Then who is safe and secure? 'A true spiritual seeker' who follows his Guru's teachings feels secure because he does not have any fear either for his own life or of losing anything. He is determined and devoted to his Guru, who has Experiences the Ultimate. It is not just a show off of spirituality but really understands the Purpose of his Life! He could have selected a path of crime or could have lived a fearful, insecure life like an ordinary person in the society or he could have developed a strong will power to face these antisocial people and their activities boldly and without fear. But he has chosen to be a Seeker of the Truth!

Many times people take inspiration from somebody. This could be from a person like Mahatma Gandhi or any spiritual Guru or it could even be of violence or terrorism from a gang leader! So, be watchful about whose influence you have on you. If you really want to develop yourself on the positive level, take the inspiration only from good persons and be a part to construct a new world. We must understand that by destruction at any level, from individual to society, we are not going to gain anything, but making someone happy by providing good health and cherished moments without any expectations in return, is a great pleasure!

The role of spirituality or the spiritual background is to remove both the positive and negative states of confused mind as mentioned above. A true spiritual path creates a foundation to understand both the shades of mind and culture the mind towards creativity, to support the mankind. The spiritual path shows the happiness, which is not momentary. It removes the blocks of a fearful life, insecure feeling etc. and builds up contentment with proper focus to achieve.

A true spiritual seeker can walk alone on the spiritual path. But it would be wonderful if many seekers come together by joining hands to show the world that the Awakening has started and they are not scared of anything. They would like to awaken others and invite them on this beautiful path of Divine Love.

Once again I repeat, it is easy to destroy but it is difficult to build. The transformation is nothing but understanding our own ability in this constructive field. One can confidently walk on this spiritual path with talent and determination. The antisocial activities were in existence thousands of years ago, are continuing with more power now and in future also we will see them. But simultaneously, to guide the mankind on the right path, the spiritual leaders were also there thousands of years ago, they are there now and in future also we will continue to see many more of them bringing about the Awakening!

Only an Awakened Soul awakens the mind and the supportive body completes the mission of a healthy and peaceful world! Be a part of this Awakened Present and Future, to be united - hand in hand, heart to heart, love to love - to protect this beautiful Today and Tomorrow.