Special screening of "Bitter Sweet" Marathi Movie

Dec 15, 2020

15th Dec 2020 evening was special as Revered Sadguruji was invited as the "Most Special Guest" for the special screening of Marathi Feature Film "Bitter Sweet". The venue was Films Division Auditorium @ Peddar Road.

Sadguruji was well received by the organisers. Many prominent people from politics, charitable organisations and film fraternity attended this special show. (Director of the movie, famous actor Shri Anant Mahadevan was also present.) We all know Sadguruji’s love and passion for cinema, direction, editing, camera, scripting - in short, He has done this all. (He was a bit nostalgic when he entered the Auditorium.)

This Marathi movie 'Bittersweet' is a hard-hitting and poignant exploration of the lives of sugarcane-cutters. It raises pertinent questions and looks at all possible angles of the story like the sugar factory-politicians’ nexus or the tremendous disregard for wellbeing of labourers or the absence of rights of these workers or the prevalent unsuitable working conditions.

After the screening of the movie, Sadguruji was felicitated as also the other dignitaries. Sadguruji in his brief speech applauded the cinema team for a wonderful creation and gave his best wishes and blessings to the entire team. He made an immediate connect with the audience with his speech and you could feel it in the warm applause which he received.

Hearty congratulations and kudos to Shri Sandip Ghuge, President (BJP Chitrapat Union) and Mrs. Vandana Darade (Mahila Vice President) who have taken great efforts in organizing the Special Screening of this movie which portrays a serious issue existing in our society. They are going to continue these efforts by screening this special movie in as many places as possible.

The learnings of the evening :

1) Time management.

2) Speaking relevant and adjusting the content keeping in mind the subject & the time limitations.

3) How easily Sadguruji connects with His known as well as new contacts.

4) Movie also makes us aware about how privileged / lucky we are when we see the hardships/problems faced by these sugarcane workers in their lives.

Lastly, personally it was a joyous moment for me to meet Parampujya Sadguruji (as also Rajeev) after 9 months. Thank You Dear Sadguruji for giving us the opportunity to be with You and witness a special movie premiere.

(Narrated by Hrishikesh Ambaye)