Gokulastami Mahasatsang

Aug 14, 2017

Gokulashtami is a very important landmark in Indian Mythology. The birth of Lord Krishna holds significant importance in the life of each and every practicing Kriya Yogi in this world. As one tries to understand the knowledge in the eighteen chapters of the Holy Gita through the practice of Kriya Yoga...many births just pass by in assimilating all that is hidden in those chapters. In a way we can say that this knowledge was born never to die...Ever! The day started at Juhu with Sadguruji giving first level Kriya Diksha to aspiring spiritual seekers on this great day! The evening was a pious experience as usual. The evening started with melodious bhajan sandhya and our Foundation Kalakars set a beautiful tone for the evening. It was followed by a beautiful script showcasing glimpses from the life of Krishna… and also how His teachings are relevant even in today's life. In fact, the teachings of Mahabharata, Bhagvad Geeta and Kriya Yoga are immortal and those teachings are always relevant/valuable in any phase of life, any era of life. He sent out the message that Krishna is alive in each one of us. The entire ballet was performed by the members of the foundation who were trained by Sadguruji especially for the evening. What was unique was the fact that the skit concept was given by Revered Sadguruji and it was well knit by the performances of all the Kriyabaans. Then came the moment which everyone was awaiting eagerly. His Amritwani! He placed thoughts of Lord Shrikrishna and also mentioned that Krishna is there in each & every one of us. He stressed that the SHATVIKARAs in human beings don't allow the inner Krishna to come out and hence it is necessary to control the SHATVIKARAS and this is not possible without a Sadguru. KRISHNA NEETI is not merely a chain of tactics but in fact it’s a wonderful thought process. If one has to bring changes in society, he/she has to start from himself/herself. Sadguruji also talked about commitment & He applauded Kriyaban Siddhant Sharma for his debut as Guitarist on stage during the skit & further mentioned that just 2 - 3 days back Siddhant had met with an accident, but forgetting all that Siddhant was on stage to fulfill his commitment! We are proud of you Siddhant. Sadguruji's Amritwani concluded with a naamsmaran of KRISHNAM SHARANAM MAM where everyone in the auditorium was given with a Tulasi Patra. All the Tulasi Patras were then collected and the Abhishek was performed by Revered Sadguruji on the pious Murti of Lord Krishna! A beautiful and divine experience for all the audience. We wished that His Aashirvachan goes on and on…! Revered Sadguruji made a special announcement that He intends to start a Musical Academy of the Foundation which was greeted with thunderous applause. The evening was anchored by our ever Versatile Heeraji & the Vote of Thanks was given by Foundation President Shri Sandeep Yederi. Evening Prasadam was given to all and it was sponsored by Kriyaban Swapnil Bagkar & family. Hari om!


Gokulastami Mahasatsang - 2017