"Jewel Of India" Awarded to Sadguruji

Apr 06, 2016

It's a proud moment for the Foundation as Sadguruji has beeen presented with the prestigious Jewel of India Award on 6th April 2016 at New Delhi. Sadguruji is being recognized once again for his outstanding work and social activities.

Jewel of India Award is given by International Institute of Education and Management (IIEM) to respected individuals who have excelled in the field of Education and Social Activities.

International Institute of Education and Management is a Govt. Regd. voluntary and nonprofit institution with activities spread all over India. The main objectives of the institution are to promote all-round and fast development of India in economic, social, cultural, educational, scientific and technological fields.

The Program will be attended by more than 500 people which will include many prominent personalities from the field for government, business and education. Sadguruji will interact with central ministers, governors, CBI directors, Judges of the Supreme Court, govt. secretaries, etc. during this function.

This award will be one more feather in the crown of our beloved Sadguruji and the foundation. Let us all congratulate Sadguruji for this superb achievement and leading the Foundation to a new height.


Jewel of India Award