How To Be Happy

Dec 27, 2015

How to be happy

As narrated by Kriyaban Shri Hrishikesh Ambaye:

An awesome 3 1/2 days (24.12.2015 to 27.12.2015) of spiritual bliss and heavenly atmosphere to celebrate the passing year 2015,and celebrating the festive season of Christmas and that ends the year 2015 on a high note and for sure 2016 will start with a big bang!! “How to be Happy” is a unique& signature programme conceptualized and conducted by the Revered Sadguruji - Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda, The entire 3 ½ days has been designed with lots of fun, frolic and happiness with a clear spiritual undercurrent to it. Each activity is designed by Sadguruji to harness the hidden potential of each and every participant and bring out the best in each of us. The entire programme dwells into our daily life, with a lot of activity that keeps the mind fully occupied in positive thoughts and stops the influx of the constant negative thoughts, that we all are used to.

The pristine and natural surroundings of the Spiritual Village (Ashram), nestled on the banks of the beautiful Amba River, surrounded by beautiful mountains and fresh waves of soft soothing breeze, all add up to the tempo of the programme..Sadguruji in his impeccable style was monitoring the entire event right from the start, a true Kriya Karma Yogi that he is, he was at the Ashram a day prior to the start of the event, monitoring each and every minute detail of the arrangements, the comfort of the participants, the cleanliness and giving instructions to the organizers, to ensure that, when the participants come to the venue, they have a smooth transition and are made comfortable from the very moment they step in.

These 3 ½ days were not only a unique and divine experience in the holy presence of Revered Sadguruji, but a bountiful of learning from every activity, and from the peer groups, age ranging from 10 months to 81 yrs young, coming from various parts of the Country as well as the World. Each of the participants, taught the other some valuable take away, and in return also learnt a valuable lesson for life. The list of activities was long and very unique, right from the start of the programme, where each of us shared the 1 best thing of the year 2015, which made all of us look at only the brightest side of life that passed in the year, the beautiful nature walk, registering the beauty of the flora and fauna at the beautiful village, the musical antakshari, the melodious satsang every evening that charged the energy levels of each participant, the candle lighting game was another test of precision and grit for each of us, very interesting and intense! One more unique activity was the Snake and ladder game which reminded each of the kriyabaans about their school days. In every HTBH, Sadguruji brings some novelty activity & this was one of them. The other activity that tested team bonding and mental strength was the water balloon game! Outstanding would be a small word for this game. This game was a perfect reflection of team spirit and the way we hold on to the precious gifts of life with care and precision.

This HOW TO BE HAPPY was special for one more reason. It was for the first time, the HTBH was celebrated along with the festival of Christmas. On this special day, Sadguruji conducted an intense session of the Divine Angel card. It gave very crisp & clear insight to not only the chosen participants, but also for everyone present in the high energy field that was created by Sadguruji. It was a very intense session with strong messages from the higher energy for each of us to lead a wholesome and enriching stress free life.

Another activity which tested the strength and endurance of each participant - The “Surya Namaskar Championship”. This activity is one of the highlights of the programme and it maintained its uniqueness thanks to an awesome display by the Super Siblings: Mahima & Shubham. Mahima reached the target of 130 whereas darling Shubham went on to hit a triple century and they did this by participating in seniors' group. Lots to learn for the SENIORS. It was more special as Shubham is recovering from his ear injury and he was advised against doing this. But putting all the doubts to rest, he simply went on and completed 300 Suryanamaskars. A new record for Suryanamaskars in HTBH! Bravo Shubham & Mahima. The competition saw average performance of around 25 -30 suryanamaskar’s per participant in the average category and good category saw more than 50 namskar’s being pumped up by Ramesh and Sunil. The spirit of competitiveness was clearly dominant in the actions. A big lesson learnt from our little Shubham was that true champions are the ones who totally believe in themselves and pursue their goal relentlessly with seamless passion and commitment. Even though they both are Sadguruji’s Children, they never took things for granted, and they were devotedly preparing for this competition, by practicing yoga every single day for 45 minutes.

Further on it was a delight to experience sunset & sunrise, amidst continuous chanting of the Gayatri Mantra. In the chilling hill station like environment welcoming sun God was a divine experience. Christmas day witnessed one more special function and that was Christmas Party. Dear Santa blessed one and all with his divine presence. The young stalwarts lead by Simran did a wonderful job & in a very short time they presented a variety of Christmas Celebration.

The fancy dress, skit and dance performances added to all the fun and dhamaal masti to the HTBH celebrations, and Sadguruji filled more colours in the same by having a camp fire on the third day, lighting the pyre and burning all the negativity in it. He also asked all the participants to burn away any negative feeling or thought that they may be carrying along with them, into this pyre that was lit for clearing away all the negativities in everyone's lives. Everyone was blessed with a sweet Prasad from Sadguruji. The dance performances of all the participants deserve a special applaud as it was bliss to see young Simran & group as well as our evergreen Bhaktu-Heeraji-Saraswathiji performing on the stage. It was also very special to see a troupe of 6 young ladies performing in 9 Yard sarees. All this was truly awesome & worth experiencing.

The 4th day morning was even more memorable for everyone because of the divine dancing meditation which is an experience of lifetime that cannot be described in words and takes one to a different world of bliss and harmony. Heartiest Congratulations to dear and young dynamic couple of Swati & Ravindra Pathak for winning the BEST COUPLE Award! And the most coveted title of Miss.HTBH and Mr HTBH was awarded to Priya Vasudevan & Abhijeet Jaywant respectively. They truly deserved it. This is indeed a proud and memorable achievement to be cherished for a lifetime and both of you truly deserve this.

Thank you Sadguruji for this wonderful and memorable HTBH programme..We offer our deepest gratitude at your lotus feet for a continuity to this fantabulous year end celebration with a complete spiritual base of total power packed entertainment.


How to be happy