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Social Activities

Eye Pledge We Pledge

Our Foundation is actively spreading awareness amongst the public about this cause, and has inspired lakhs of people to Pledge their eyes.

Programs for The Differently Abled

The foundation has conducted programs for various institutions like NASEOH, Kamala Mehta Blind School etc

Tree Plantation Drives

The foundation organizes Tree Plantation drives on a regular basis. It teaches how to grow and nurture plants.

Cleanliness Awareness Drives

The Foundation regularly conducts 'Cleanliness Awareness Drives' so as to promote the importance of keeping a clean environment in the society.

Free Tulsi Plant Distribution

The Foundation under the leadership of Sadguruji, conducted the Tulsi distribution drive to counter-attack the effects of H1N1 & Global Warming.

Support For Orphanages

The foundation has supported these children by providing them books, stationery etc and mainly teaching them the basic tenets of yoga & meditation.

Health Based Activities

Free Kriya Yoga Camps

Free Mega Kriya yoga camps are conducted regularly at different parts of the city to promote the benefits of Yoga, Meditation and healthy living.

Free Medical Camps

Free medical camps are organized from time to time.

Yoga & Meditation at Schools

The foundation conducts Yoga & Meditation classes at various schools as part of the school's curriculum.

Sports Activities

The Foundation organizes Sports Day and games like cricket matches, tele-games etc. are held for people of all age-groups.

Spiritual Activities

Kriya Yoga Initiation

On the request of the spiritual aspirants, Sadguruji initiates a few chosen seekers into the path of Kriya Yoga.


Spiritual and practical guidance discourses by His Holiness Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda are regularly conducted in India and abroad.

Residential Kriya Yoga Camps

Two days residential Kriya Yoga camps are conducted on a regular basis. Here, advanced Kriya Yoga techniques are taught to participants.

Spiritual Guidance For Jail Inmates

Sadguruji visited the Arthur Road Jail to give spiritual guidance to the jail inmates.


Kriya Initiation Form

If you are interested in taking Kriya Yoga Diksha (Initiation), kindly fill the form and post or email it to us.

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Articles By Sadguruji

Empowerment Through Love

In my childhood, I once observed a unique plant growing on its own in the courtyard. Out of curiosity I nurtured it.

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Does God Exist and Why?

God is Love - Infinite Unconditional Pure Love. This Love exists in each one of us although the degree may differ.

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The Human Mind

The life of a human being is counted in breaths, days, nights, events, incidents and his built up relationships in the society.

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