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Bi-Annual Kriyaban Melava (Get-together)

As narrated by Kriyaban Shri Hrishikesh Ambaye.

It was a special day yet again. 2nd October & 1st May are always celebrated by the Foundation under #SadguruMangeshda Ji's guidance as Kriyaban Get-together (Melawa). This is the day when all Kriyabans can practice Kriya Sadhana under the Master's watchful eyes and its a great pleasure for all the sadhaks.

This time also Sadguruji blessed all the Kriyabans with His Divine teachings & grace. 2nd October is a very special day for many reasons. Number one, 15 years back on the same day, Sadguruji started bestowing Kriya Diksha to the spiritual seekers and this was the day when He initiated a large number into Kriya Diksha in a marathon session, and from then onwards, the pious process is going on and on! Jai ho! Secondly its the birth anniversary of Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhiji who was a Kriya Yogi himself.

The session started with all the trustees joining Sadguruji on the stage for National Anthem and then the session began. Sadguruji very fondly remembered the day 15 years back . A very proud & nostalgic moment for all the Kriyabans initiated on that day.

Sadguruji then guided the Melawa with His mesmarising Amritwani. He emphasized the Importance of regular practice of Kriya Yoga, how Kriya Yoga helps a person to grow in all aspects of life. All Kriyabans practiced the Asanas, Kriyas under His watchful eyes. Its always a bliss to be with Sadguruji for a whole day. He taught some new techniques of Kriya Yoga.

There was a review of various activities during the last 15 years & guess what, it presented a great variety. It involved activities on all fronts be it Spiritual, Social, Sports, Arts & Music. Jai Ho. It was sheer pleasure rewinding to those events and re-live those wonderful moments. There were some awesome sharings by Sai, Siddhi, Seeta, Sandeep, Vikas and many more. Sai's sharing touched the hearts of all as he fluently explained how his life has been transformed after he met Sadguruji and what it means for Him to be connected with the master.

The compering was done by Sneha & Priyanka who were just fantastic in their job. Their graceful attire which was in tune with the Navaratri Celebrations brought more colours and energy to their presentation. Various inputs by Rajeev, Sandeep helped everyone to know about the upcoming Foundation activities. IT WAS A PROUD MOMENT FOR ALL OF US WHEN SADGURUJI WAS FELICITATED ESPECIALLY FOR HIS VERY RECENT AWARD - "LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" from INDIAN INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION & MANAGEMENT!! The applause that started went on and on for some time. Jai ho! We are sure that many more good things are in store!!

Its always a pleasure spending the whole day with the Master. You get so much of wisdom, new knowledge, a variety of input and of course His grace & blessings. People from various parts of the country travel to Mumbai for this special day. Thank You Sadguruji for this wonderful get-together. All in all a wonderful day well spent with THE MASTER! Kudos to NIlesh, Abhay Jaywant & all the organizers for their support. Now we look forward to next 2 big events opening of 92nd Centre in Singapore on 8th October 2016 & the Annual Day on 24th October 2016 in Mumbai. We are sure these are going to be special. So be there & experience something special.


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