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Foundation Sports Day

This is always one of the most awaited days in the calendar year for all the SMKYFians. Everybody gets a chance to show the sporting talent. And this year was no exception.

Sports day, this year, coincided with St. Valentine's Day and I am very sure that all the participants had 'love'ly time in the Play Ground. This year the Sports Venue was changed & hence it was new environment, different conditions, different play style…. but one thing was common and that was lots of enthusiasm, energy & happiness.

Revered Sadguruji always stresses upon overall development of an individual and through the various activities which He leads and undertakes, He tries to implement it. Sports and Sportsman Spirit is inseparable and if one has this Sportsman's Spirit, he/she can face any challenge that life throws. Also this is the day where every participant gets a chance to present his/her sporting talent and the organizers also make it sure that the youngest and the senior most is able to play the games arranged for them.

This Sports Day was organized at Mahatma Gandi Vidya Mandir, Bandra East, Mumbai which is a proud place in creating many International, National & State Level players in games like Kabaddi, Kho Kho, Gymnastics. And yet another special thing about this place was that revered Sadguruji had performed on this Ground in Inter School Competitions and He has a special relation with this Vastu. Also in May 2015, He had conducted Kriya Gurukul workshop in the same school.

The sports day started with National Anthem, Sportsman's Oath & Sadguruji addressing and sharing with everyone as to what His ideas were for arranging a sports day & importance of Sports. He also appealed all to give his/her best in the field with sporting spirit. Turning to Box Cricket rather than traditional cricket and arranging women's cricket matches was the uniqueness about this Sports Day. Another feature of this Sports Day was attendance and well wishes of many dignitaries and National Level Coaches. Shri Milind Chindarkar (Hon Secretary, L J Shirsekar Trust), Shri Narendra Kunder (Team India's Coach for Kho Kho Team which won the Gold Medal in recently concluded South Asian Games) and Shri Suhas Joshi (Kabaddi Coach who has produced many National & State Level Kabaddi players) to name a few.

Men and Women matches were played with full zeal & total competitive spirit. It was fantastic to see the cricketing skills of our young & senior brigade. Everybody adjusted well to the new format and it was a superb feeling to witness revered Sadguruji capturing 5 wickets in a match and creating a new record. Whatever He does is with full involvement & participation. The team – Pune Rangers lead by Milind Yederi won the title & Awesome Ahmedabad lead by Swapnil Bagkar was the runner up. In women's event, Rinita's team won the first ever Historic Tournament for Women & Sidhdhi's Team was the runner up. We also witnessed a tie match in ladies event which was to be completed with a Super Over. Awesome experience. Well done everybody.

The events for children, ladies & senior citizens were just fabulous. The trio of Sujata Priya & Preeti always comes up with new and variety of games and its fun to watch those. They create such games so that everyone can participate and enjoy as well. Little children are always full of energy and they had a lot of dhamal-masti too. They wanted more and more and more. One more thing to witness is the involvement of parents when the kids are competing. They are fully into it and that’s a moment to witness.

The enthusiasm of all the people in the stadium was also stupendous. The cheer-leaders made it more special. The various home made & tasty food items took care of the hungry souls. Thanks to all the 'Annapurnas' who must have taken huge efforts to get up early & prepare these variety of food items for all the people. Kudos to you.

These kind of days leave a lot of joyous memories in the mind. And Thank You Sadguruji for all this. And He gave us a wonderful surprise in the Prize Distribution ceremony by declaring that NOW ON … THE SPORTS DAY WILL BE HELD TWICE IN THE YEAR!! Jai ho!!

Its always amazing to witness the sports day ... and it continued to be ... this year as well. And I am sure the trend will continue. See you soon….. on the next Sports Day!

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