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1st World Parliament In Spirituality

The 1st World Parliament on Spirituality was organised by the World United Team in Hyderabad. The event took place from 17th Dec to 21st Dec 2012. It evoked a tremendous response as Masters from World over participated in this mega event. There were around 60 speakers from more than 40 countries and more than 2000 delegates and a packed audience full of youth. Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation was well represented with a huge delegation participating in this event H. H. Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda being one of the most respected Kriya Yogi and a Himalayan Master was a natural choice as a key speaker for the event. Along with revered Dada Vaswani from Sadhu Vaswani Mission and Dadiji from Brahmakumaris, Sadguruji was a part of the team inaugurating the function.In His speech, Sadguruji said "There is lot of violence and turmoil in this world. My Guruji, Sri Sri Mahavtaar Babaji told me that Kriya Yog will be the uniting force for this world one day. There are many Gurus who brand their Yoga or claim their right on Mahavtaar Babaji. In my opinion Mahavtaar Babaji is for everyone. Each path is a beautiful path which leads towards God".

Sadguruji's speech on Kriya Yoga on the 19th was a super hit. The hall was jam packed and more chairs had to be adjusted. The international audience was spell bound and after the speech many requested for the rare and unique Kriya Yog Diksha.

Kriya Yog Diksha was duly conferred to some of the lucky aspirants (including some International ones) on 21st Dec 2012. It was a fitting gesture by Sadguruji to initiate the people on the Self believing path of Kriya Yog on the very day when the world was predicted to end by doomsayers.

On the evening of 21st Dec, there were 3 million people across the world people meditating together between 5 and 6pm and there was tremendous response from all the members of our Foundation.

The success of The Foundation lies in the fact that after this Hyderbad event, Sadguruji has been invited to inaugurate new centerís at Warangal, Karimnagar ( both in AP), United States of America (Los Angeles, Chicago, Tampa, New York), Canada and Brazil.

We appreciate the efforts taken by Padmashri D R Karthikeyan, Dr Yugandhar and everyone at World United to have organised this event so well with an eye on fine details and great hospitality.


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