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Past Events - 2016

29th Dec 2016 - 1st Jan 2017: How To Be Happy @ Spiritual Village read more

25th - 26th Nov 2016: Kriya Initiation Level 1 & 2 and Reiki Level 3 Workshop @ U.A.E. read more

14th Nov 2016: Kriya Yoga Initiation (Level 1) on Guru Nanak Jayanti read more

3rd - 5th Nov 2016: Residential Kriya Yoga Camp @ Goa read more

30th Oct 2016: Foundation's 93rd Center Opening @ Goa read more

24th Oct 2016: Foundation's 23rd Annual Day & Kriyasheel Global Awards read more

13th-14th Oct 2016: SRD Camp at HPCL, Mumbai read more

7th - 9th Oct 2016: Foundation's 92nd Center Opening & Workshops @ Singapore read more

2nd Oct 2016: Diabetes Camp read more

2nd Oct 2016: Bi-Annual Kriyaban Melava read more

1st Oct 2016: Mantra Diksha read more

24th Aug 2016: Gokulastami Mahasatsang and Kriya Yoga Diksha (Level 1) read more

15th Aug 2016: Reiki 3A Workshop read more

3rd - 5th Aug 2016: Yoga Teachership read more

25th July 2016: Green Ambassador Award for Sadguruji read more

21st - 23rd Jul 2016: Reiki Teachership read more

20th Jul 2016: Guru Poornima Mahasatsang read more

10th Jul 2016: Symposium on Health Through Holistic Healing read more

21st Jun 2016: International Day of Yoga read more

21st May - 20th Jun 2016: International Day of Yoga - Free Workshops at Multiple Locations read more

1st May 2016: Bi-annual Kriyaban Melava (Get-together) read more

8th Apr 2016: Gudhi Padwa Mahasatsang read more

6th Apr 2016: "Jewel Of India" Awarded to Sadguruji read more

10th Mar 2016: "Self Defence For Women" at LIC India read more

7th Mar 2016: Mahashivratri Mahasatsang & Kriya Yoga Diksha read more

14th Feb 2016: Foundation Sports Day read more

30-31st Jan 2016: Kriya Yoga Residential Camp at Hyderabad read more

29th Jan 2016: Kriya Yoga Diksha at Warangal read more

22nd-26th Jan 2016: Residential Vipassana Workshop read more

10th Jan 2016: Kriya Yoga Diksha at Dombivali read more

8th Jan 2016: Special Kriya Yoga Session for Harvard University Students read more


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Articles By Sadguruji

Empowerment Through Love

In my childhood, I once observed a unique plant growing on its own in the courtyard. Out of curiosity I nurtured it.

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Does God Exist and Why?

God is Love - Infinite Unconditional Pure Love. This Love exists in each one of us although the degree may differ.

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The Human Mind

The life of a human being is counted in breaths, days, nights, events, incidents and his built up relationships in the society.

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