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Residential Kriya Yoga Camps

The Residential Kriya Yoga camps are two full days of intense activities where one gets a concentrated capsule of techniques to be assimilated, imbibed and practised for ones accelerated progress on Kriya Path. The emphasis of these camps are on detailing of Kriya Yoga, awareness & alertness.

Participants practise Asanas and Kriya under Sadguruji's direct supervision. Sadguruji also solves difficulties and replied to queries of different participants. Participants learn how to break one's thought-process so that they get mastery over their thoughts, increase their concentration, stop wasting their energy in unnecessary thinking and increase alertness. With the help of certain Kriya Yoga techniques, participants learn to increase their intuition level, feel their own energy, preserve it and increase it.

There are different techniques which Sadguruji teaches to increase intensity and focus, which helps one go deeper in meditation.


Kriya Initiation Form

If you are interested in taking Kriya Yoga Diksha (Initiation), kindly fill the form and post or email it to us.

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