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Healthy Body Divine Soul

This is a very popular programme worldwide for everybody and is designed by His Holiness Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda for total fitness based on science of Patanjali Yogasutra. This programme includes introduction of Ashtanga Yogasutra with practical training of Asans, Pranayam, Meditation, Diet and Natural Healing Methods.

This 8 hours programme can be organized in a full day session or 2 weekends of 4 hours each. It is also possible to spend 2 hours each on 4 days or twice a week 1 hour for one month. Those who would like to do the advance course can also continue in the same manner for remaining months. This unique programme on complete fitness has been well received by all and is highly welcome by many business class people, well-known doctors and corporates.

The workshop covers:

  • Asana: Asana is to bring steadiness and relaxation to the body and improve the health. It gives exercise to the body - inside as well as outside. Asana removes mental stress and one feels Energetic.
  • Pranayam: The purpose of Pranayam is to stimulate, regulate and control the prana. The way purification to body is necessary, to purify the mind, pranayam is necessary.
  • Meditation: Meditation is a silent observation without reacting to anything. Meditation is a source to calm down our mind and mental disturbances. There are various ways of meditation. One has to find out which method suits one self.
  • Diet: There are 5 elements in the body. They are earth, water, fire, air and ether. These 5 elements have an influence over the body. If the influence of any of the element increases in the body, then one gets Kapha Dosha, Pitta Dosha and Vayu Dosha. We give certain dietary tips in this course.
  • Healing: We give certain tips for healing one self, of diseases, such as cough, cold, BP, Diabetes, Arthritis, migraine, epilepsy etc.


Kriya Initiation Form

If you are interested in taking Kriya Yoga Diksha (Initiation), kindly fill the form and post or email it to us.

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